KCO was formed 7 years back with a great idea of Ali Sandal. And his this idea was supported by directors and members.  

Kings Club organization was the dream of Pakistani 14 years old youngster Named Ali Sandal, who wondered to serve poor families,  helping the poor and providing supplies to victims of natural disasters. he dedicated to influencing the processes towards world peace by promoting human rights. his aim is to protect humanity Help and Defense poor and needy people in our society. specially to educate the children,and to make safe and successful Pakistan.  
His idea was taken up with his School mates, firends and cousins. he was authorised to explore his ideas with similar organisations around the Pakistan. 

His efforts resulted in a meeting in a Sialkoti hotel on the 20th June 2008. After 10 years KCO TEAM Organise KCO Annual Night.
The 12 men who gathered at the meeting voted the "Association of KCO" into existence, and called Meeting in Sialkot.
There were  12 KCO Directors 15 KCO members from diffrent backgrounds. At that meeting King Omer Farooq was elected as the clubs first President. King Ali Sandal became Vice President.

The mission is to make Pakistan to Rise and Shine by the help and defence of its own K.C.O and surely Allah will help us in this mission as he did help the Quaid !

Ending the effects of disasters and making homelessness and povert minimum